How To Install Automatic Gate Opener Properly With Ease

An automatic gate opener is an automatic arm which has the ability to open and close the gate.

The opener has an onboard circuit that will tell your gate to open, reverse or close as needed when it receives a signal from a remote control. But make sure you follow the safety guidelines when installing the gate openers.

It is through proper installation that you are assured you will have a problem-free operation of the gate. 


Things To Do Before Installing The Gate Opener

Before you start the installation it is important that you read the instruction manual and watch the installation DVD. You also need to review the Safety Instructions included with your gate opener package.

Since the installation process requires a high level of force, you need to keep yourself protected against potential hazards due to improper installation.

Make sure that the gate opener is compatible with your gate’s size/weight/type, the proper class rating and frequency of use.

What You Need

How To Install Automatic Gate Opener


  • Automatic gate opener kit
  • Safety gears (eyeglasses, working gloves)

Steps In Installing The Automatic Gate Opener

Before you start working put on your safety gears first. Eyeglasses are used to protect your eyes from elements that might fly around. Working gloves to keep your hand protected from sharp objects.

Step 1 - Carefully Assess Where To Position The Gate Opener

Keep in mind gate opener should be installed inside of the fence/property line. Installing the gate opener outside the gate will compromise your safety.

It is best to position the operator near the centerline of the gate. This will reduce the flexing and twisting of the gate during operation and prevent backsplash from the rain.

Step 2 - Mount The Post Bracket Assembly

How To Install Automatic Gate Opener


The main function of post bracket assembly is to set the clearance between the gate and the gate opener in the closed and open positions. Arrange the post bracket assembly and connect it to the rear mount of the gate opener. In the front mount of the opener attach the gate bracket.

Open the gate and retract the opener arm then adjust the gate bracket and the post bracket assembly until the gate operator is level. Hold the opener level, with the C-clamps, hold the post bracket assembly and gate bracket in positions on the gate and gate post.

After verifying the clearance/front mount distance in the closed and open position, mount the gate bracket to the gate and install the post bracket assembly to the gate post.

Step 3 - Install The Opener Arm

How To Install Automatic Gate Opener


Connect the opener arm to the gate’s bracket and to the post bracket assembly. It is important that the arm is level and if needed make some adjustment on the post bracket assembly.

Step 4 - Mount Closed Position Stop Plates

How To Install Automatic Gate Opener


To stabilize the gate in the closed position, the Closed Position Stop Plate helps. Disconnect the opener from the gate and put the gate to the closed position.

At the end of the gate frame, fasten the closed position stop plate and slide the plate toward the gate post until they come in contact.

After placing the plate into its proper position, tighten its hardware completely. Place the gate to its open position and attach the opener arm to the gate bracket.

Step 5 - Install The Control Box

How To Install Automatic Gate Opener


To protect the control box from splash, rain, snow, and other elements, install the control box 3 feet above the ground. It should be 3 feet away from the AC power source to avoid electrical interference. Keep in mind not all gate opener has a control box.

Step 6 - Connect The Battery Wires

How To Install Automatic Gate Opener


Remove the control box cover, then let the harness wires run into the strain relief slot, which leaves sufficient wire to connect the battery wire plugs from the control board. Connect the red and black wires to the right terminals.

Step 7 - Connect The Power Cable

In the strain relief slots of the control box, insert the gate opener power cable. Connect the power cable wires to the right terminal blocks distinguished by color.

Step 8 - Connect The Transformer

How To Install Automatic Gate Opener


Connect a solar panel or a transformer to the opener’s control board to keep the battery charged. Keep in mind DO NOT CONNECT the solar panel and the transformer to the control board at the same time. It will cause malfunction of the control board.

Measure the gap between the control box and the AC outlet. Take note of the length and cut the wire. Place the wire in a trench from the electrical outlet to the control box and then bury the wire.

Wire to be connected to the control box should be run into PVC conduit to keep it protected against animals, weed eaters, and others. With the wire on the PVC conduit attach it to the power terminals on the control board.

Connect low voltage wire from the AC outlet to the transformer terminals. Plug the transformer into the AC outlet. Use a weatherproof housing/cover if the transformer is connected into an outdoor outlet.

Step 9 - Connect The Battery

How To Install Automatic Gate Opener


Connect the battery to the control box included in the gate opener package or for other models that requires a 12-volt marine/automotive type battery placed in a weatherproof case 6 feet from the control box. Connect the battery wires to the terminals red to positive and black to negative.

Step 10 - Program The Closed Position Limit

How To Install Automatic Gate Opener


The gate opener package includes an entry transmitter that you can use to set the control board’s closed position limit. You can check the Instruction manual for details about programming the closed position limit.

Step 11 - Set The Stall Force Setting 

The obstruction sensitivity is controlled by the stall force potentiometer. The obstruction sensitivity is the force the opener will apply when the opener encounters the problem before it automatically stops and reverses its direction.

To adjust, use a screwdriver from the minimum factory set up to the point where the gate moves smoothly and without interference from its normal wind conditions and weight.

Step 12 - Program The Auto-Close Timing

To set how long the gate will remain open before it closes, adjust the close timer on the control board from 3 to 120 secs. or to off.

Step 13 - Set The Transmitter Code/Settings

Change the security settings of your transmitter by changing them from the factory code. Remove the transmitter cover and set the dip switches into a combination of switch positions.

After adjusting the dip switches, you will program them into the control board following the instruction indicated in the manual.

Step 14 - Set Up The Warning Signs

Setup the warning signs included in the kit. Position these warnings on both sides of the gate.

You can watch the step by step installation here:

Some property owners are complaining that their gate openers are not working properly. The possible cause could be due to improper installation.

Thus, it is important that you read the Instruction Manual and watch the DVD for steps to steps instruction on how to install the opener properly before you start setting up your gate opener to avoid problems. 

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