How To Program Gate Opener

Steps On How To Program Gate Opener

You are aware by now that a gate opener is convenient so you don’t have to get out of your car to open the gate. By pressing the open button in your remote, you can control your gate. All you need to do is to program your gate opener and you can enjoy the benefits of privacy and security with your latest gate opener.

Before you start with the process, it is important that the garage door is free from any obstruction. While you are programming your opener make sure all people, pets, and objects are out of the way to prevent damage or harm.

During the process, you need to open and close the gate which could pose danger to people and pets. 


How To Program Gate Opener

What You Need

  • Motor unit installed
  • Opener

Steps On Built- In-Car Remote Programming

The following steps will help you in programming a built-in-car transmitter to a rolling code gate opener.

Step 1: Clear Out The Previous Program

If your in-car system has been programmed in the past, you need to clear it out and set it to its default by holding down on the two outside buttons at the same time until the in-car LED begins flashing rapidly. This usually takes up to a minute.

Note: the key should be on auxiliary and the car door is closed.

Step 2: Set A Button As In-Car Gate Transmitter

Assign a button to serve as your in-car gate transmitter. Near the chosen button hold your transmitter up then press both the gate remote and the preferred in-car transmitter button at the same time.

Press down on the buttons until the in-car LED light flashes continuously. This sets the in-car remote transmitter as your gate openers create transmitter, however, you are not done yet. This in-car transmitter will serve as your personal transmitter.

Step 3: Set In-Car Transmitter To Your Gate Opener

How To Program Gate Opener


On your gate opener, go to the Learn button. The button is usually found next to where the floppy antenna is connected to the motor head. For Genie, it is positioned behind the light lens, and an indicator lights up red when pressed.

For Liftmaster or Sears, it is near the terminal screw board and is a green, purple or red square button with amber, purple or green indicator light.

Press the learn button momentarily. For Genie system, the indicator light will turn on and blink for others it will remain lit. For Genie go to the in-car transmitter button you programmed previously and then press this button three or four times, or until the gate starts to move. This will set your in-car transmitter to your gate opener.

For Sears, Linear or Liftmaster Megacode press the in-car button and hold you do the programming until the gate opener light flashes. Done programming your in-car to operate your gate.

Steps In Programming A Fixed-Code Device

How To Program Gate Opener


The internal dip-switches of these devices are found near the battery of the remote.

Step 1: Clear Out Any Previous Program

Hold down the two outside buttons at the same time until the LED begins to flash rapidly. This will clear out any previous program. It may take one minute.

Step 2: Press and Hold the In-Car Button

To operate the gate, press and hold the in-car button and at the same time press and hold the button to your remote until the LED on the in-car remote flashes continuously.

Step 3: Test the In-Car Remote

Press the button you have selected to operate your gate to test the in-car remote. If the gate operates you have completed the in-car remote programming.

Programming A Rolling Code Gate Opener

How To Program Gate Opener


For in-car remote with three LED lights, one on top of each button, follow the steps below for rolling code gate opener programming.

Step 1: Press the Outer 2 in-car Buttons at the Same Time for Two Seconds and then Release

The car door should be closed and the key must be on auxiliary.

Step 2: Placing the Gate Opener into “Learn Mode”

To place the gate opener into “learn mode” press the small square colored button, or the black button on a Genie. The LED will start blinking.

Step 3: Press and Hold the Button On

In the in-car remote, press and hold the button that you choose to use for operation of the gate to activate. Wait for the gate to activate. Once it is activated, release the button and then press again the chosen button to lock-in the program.

Programming of Rolling Code is now completed.


  • Make sure the safety reverse works before you install transmitter since a moving gate may cause injury.
  • The control should be installed in sight of the door, at least five feet above the floor and away from moving parts.
  • Keep people away from the moving gate while programming.
  • Do not let the children play with the door operator or transmitter.
  • If in case the safety reverse does not work properly. Close the gate and disconnect the operator with the use of the manual release handle.
  • Check the manual before you start programming.
  • Before connecting the wires make sure the power cord is unplugged.

Here’s a video of programming a universal remote gate opener:

Final Thoughts

Programming a gate opener is not as hard as you think it is. But there are some people who get confused on how to program their gate opener properly.

The manual or instruction guide included can help you a lot in programming your opener. Keep in mind each gate opener uses a specific system thus they differ on programming. 

In case you are having problems with programming, you can ask the manufacturer support system if you have further questions on how to program your gate opener.

If you find this how-to article helpful to you, feel free to share this with others.

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